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Using Symbols

Using Symbols gives examples and hints for using symbols when debugging an application.

  • Symbol names must be used as displayed in the Symbols Window. Drag and drop a symbol from the Symbols Window into the Command Window to get the fully qualified symbol name.
  • Symbols can be defined at runtime with the commandDefine:
    Define char|int|float|long|double SymbolName
    Symbol names
    • Must begin with: ['A'-'Z'], ['a'-'z'], '_', or '?'.
    • Can contain: ['A'-'Z'], ['a'-'z'], ['0'-'9'], '_', or '?'.
  • When a path contains spaces, then the symbol name must be enclosed in quotes ("). In addition, use a double backslash (\\) to escape the backslash (\) (rules for C string literals apply). Example:
    LOAD "C:\\path with blanks\\filename.hex"
  • Insert a space between the ternary operator ("?:") and a symbol that begins with a question mark ("?")
    For example: R5 = R6 ? ?SYMBOL : R7.
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