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User Interface

The µVision User Interface offers menus, toolbars, keyboard shortcuts, dialog boxes, and windows to manage the various aspects of your embedded project.

  • Menu bars provide commands for editor operations, project maintenance, development tool option settings, program debugging, external tool control, window selection and manipulation, and on-line help.
  • Toolbar buttons execute the most common µVision commands.
  • µVision GUI describes the graphical interface.
  • Docking Windows explains how windows can be moved and how docking helper controls support you in positioning windows.
  • Using the Editor describes editor features and configuration options.
  • File Menu and Commands lists the commands to manipulate files. Access the license manager and Device Database from this menu.
  • Edit Menu and Commands lists the commands that are accessible when working with the editor. Navigate between bookmarks, configure the editor, set syntax highlighting, and define short-keys, keywords, and templates from this menu.
  • View Menu lists the commands that display or hide the Status Bar, toolbars, and windows. While in Debug Mode, you can enforce windows to refresh periodically from this menu.
  • Project Menu and Commands lists the commands available to control your project.
  • Flash Menu lists the commands and options available for Flash programming.
  • Debug Menu and Commands lists the commands to debug the application as: set or remove breakpoints, single stepping commands, execution profiling, and call the debug-function editor.
  • Peripherals Menu lists the peripherals that are currently simulated. The list is CPU dependent.
  • Tools Menu offers the possibility to link third-party tools to µVision. Customize this menu to your needs.
  • SVCS Menu offers access to software version control systems. This menu can be customized.
  • Window Menu lists the commands to split, tile, and close text editor windows.
  • Help Menu lists commands to contact the support, open various help systems, and to access knowledge articles.
  • Status Bar provides editor, debugger, and command line information.
  • Keyboard shortcuts offer quick access to µVision commands. Define your own short-keys.
  • Project Window provides the project structure with access to all included files and dependencies.
  • Books Window gives access to books and manuals that are part of your project. You may add and view relevant documents through this feature.
  • Functions Window browse through your source code. Gives a comprehensive overview of the existing modules and functions in the code.
  • Templates Window gives access to templates. Define, change, and use templates through this window.
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