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Manage Books

Books can be managed through the menu Project - Manage - Project Items - Books or by using the context menu of the window Books.

Manage Books


General Books Lists documents that appear in the section µVision of the window Books and will be listed in all projects.
Tool Specific Lists documents that relate to the toolchain in use. These books appear in the section Tools User's Guide of the window Books and will be listed in all projects of that specific toolchain.
Device Specific Lists documents that relate to the device in use. These documents are listed in the section Device Data Books of the window Books and appear in projects that use this specific device. The Device Database Parameter Bookn specifies the document and document order.
Default Root Displays or sets the default root folder for the documents. The Device Specific Default Root is set to the Tool Specific Default Root if the field is empty. If the document is not found in the specified location, then the Keil web is searched for the matching manual.
Controls Use the controls to add, delete, or arrange books within a section.
New/Change Book Add a new book or changing the title and path of a book.

Besides using the controls of a section, developers can

  • Double-click on an entry to change the specifications of a book.
  • Double-click onto an empty spot to add a new book.

Change Book Specifications

Manage Books


Book Title Enter the title of a document. This title is displayed in the window Books.
Book Path Specifies a relative or absolute path to the document. Relative path are prefixed with the default root folder.


  • To reduce network traffic, download device-specific documents from the web and place them into a folder of the form Device Specific Default Root + BOOKn path.

    For example:
    Default Root is: C:\tools\C51\Documents\
    Device Database entry is: BOOK0=DataSheets\C51_DEVICES\8051_User_Manual.pdf("8051 User Manual")

    Then, the document must be placed into the folder
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