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Non-Qualified Symbols

Non-Qualified Symbols can be identified by only using the name of the variable or function they represent. These symbols are not fully qualified and are searched in a number of symbol tables, as described below:

  1. CPU Register Symbols of the CPU: R0 – R15, RL0 – RH7, DPP0 – DPP3.
  2. Local variables in the current function of the program. The current function is determined by the value of the program counter.
  3. Static variables in the current module. The current module is determined by the value of the program counter. These symbols represent variables that have been declared in the module outside of a function.
  4. Global or public symbols of the application. Peripheral register symbols defined by µVision are also considered to be public symbols.
  5. Symbols created with the DEFINE command. These symbols are used for debugging and are not a part of the target program.
  6. System variables that monitor and change debugger characteristics. They are not part of the application. Refer to System Variables for details.
  7. CPU Driver Symbols (VTREGs) defined by the CPU driver. Refer to Virtual Registers (VTREGs) for details.

The search order is changed when:

  • Using user- or signal functions (refer to Debug Functions). First, µVision searches in the symbol table created for user- or signal functions. Then, the search is continued in the order described above.
  • A literal symbol is preceded with a back quote (‘). CPU Driver Symbols (VTREGs) is searched instead of CPU Register Symbols.
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