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Memory Map

Current Mapped
Displays the currently mapped memory ranges. The addresses correspond to the way µVision maps logical segments to physical segments. For example, 0x00xxxx represents an address in DATA, IDATA, or EDATA space; 0x01xxxx represents an address in XDATA spase, and 0xFFxxxx represents an address in CODE space.
Kill Selected Range
Removes the selected mapped range from the list.
Map Range
The memory range may include a starting and ending address, in which case every byte in the range is mapped as specified in the Read, Write, Execute, and von Neumann check boxes. The box may include only a single byte address, in which case the byte is mapped as specified by the check boxes.
Memory range may be read.
The memory range may be written.
The memory range may be executed.
von Neumann
Identifies the specified memory range as von Neumann memory. When specified, µVision overlaps the external data memory (XDATA) range and code memory (0xFFxxxx). Write access to external data memory also change code memory.


  • von Neumann memory ranges may not lie in the code area nor may they cross a 64k boundary.
  • von Neumann memory is supported in the XDATA space of the C51 and C251 architectures only. It is not available for the C166.
  • von Neumann memory ranges must have both Read and Write access.
Map Range
Adds the specified memory range to the list.
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