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This dialog configures the options for programming the Flash memory of the target system. In addition, you can invoke the file converter tool FCARM, which is triggered during the build process.

Use Target Driver for Flash Programming
Select the driver for Flash Programming. Typically, this is the same driver set in Options for Target - Debug.
Use Debug Driver
Flag to automatically select the Debug driver set in Options for Target - Debug. The drop-down field for choosing the Flash driver is grayed out. The name of the old Flash driver might still be shown, but is not used. Click Settings to adjust the Flash driver characteristics.
Opens the dialog for setting the Flash driver characteristics. For details, refer to Configure Flash Download of the ULINKpro User's Guide, or Flash Download Configuration of the ULINK2 User's Guide.
Update Target before Debugging
Downloads the application to Flash before entering a debugging session. The download is processed only when the binary was updated since the last Flash programming step (this feature is to avoid unnecessary reprogramming sequences).


  • When switching between µVision instances, use the explicit "Load" button to ensure that the image of the current target is downloaded to Flash.
  • When disabled and the application was not downloaded manually to Flash, you may enable the option Options for Target - Debug - Settings - Debug - Verify Code Download to ensure program correlation between the target system and the µVision debugger.
Init File
Specify an initialization file that µVision should execute before the program is flashed. This initialization file can contain Debug and Trace Commands required to configure the target for Flash download.
allows to open and modify the initialization file with the text editor.

Use External Tool for Flash Programming
µVision can call a third-party tool to flash the target hardware.
Enter the command (typically a .EXE file) of the Flash tool you want to use.
Specify the arguments that µVision will pass to the Flash tool. You may use Key Sequences here.
Run Independent
When enabled, µVision does not wait for the Flash tool to finish.
When disabled, µVision waits until the Flash download completes and shows the results of the Flash tool in the Output Window.

Output File
Enter the FCARM output file name. All Image files of a project are converted into C-code and added to this file.
Add Output File to Group
Select the file group to which the FCARM output file will be added.
Image Files Root Folder
Is a folder relative to the project root folder. Represents the root folder for FCARM.
Generate Listing
Generates a listing file (extension *.lst).
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