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Use this dialog to select or switch to another device. Typically, this is done when you started the project with a generic device and you want to switch to a supported device.

If more than one Device Databases are defined in the file TOOLS.INI, you are asked to select the Device Database you want to work with.

Shows the vendor of the selected device.
Shows the name of the selected device.
Is the toolchain you are working with.
Enter a Regular Search Expressions to find a device quickly. The list is narrowed while you type the letters.
Database List
List of devices grouped by manufacturers. Devices inherited from a Device Family Pack have a green icon.
Read the remarks. Possibly, the text contains explanations about configuration options that must be set manually.
For toolset C51
Use Extended Linker/Locater (LX51) instead of BL51
LX51 is required for far memory type support, Linker Code Packing which optimizes the complete application, and devices with extended address space. LX51 provides several new features, like user memory classes, special ROM (SROM) support and multi-application linkage.
Use Extended Assembler (AX51) instead of A51
AX51 is required when for full support of the LX51 features on assembler level. AX51 is also needed for the devices with instruction set extensions or extended address space.


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