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General Editor Settings

Sets general options valid for all file types.

Encoding: [Encoding in µVision]
The drop-down defines the character code page. The table below shows possible combinations:
OS Language of PC is Encoding in µVision
Set to the preferred language Encode in ANSI
Set to another language Encode in UTF-8 without signature
For Asian languages Choose the respective format
Auto Indent: [code indentation]
The following code indentation can be selected:
  • None - Cursor is always positioned to the first column of a line.
  • Smart - Indents a new block with the number of spaces defined in the field Tab size (see further down) in respect of the previous line. Curly brackets are taken into consideration.
  • Block - The cursor is positioned to the start of the previous line.
Virtual Spaces
Avoids that the cursor changes the column position when moving it up or down.
View White Space
Displays a dot for every white space.
View End of Line
Displays EOL characters for every carriage return.

Function Display

Sets default options valid for the window Functions.

Display Modules
When enabled, then the application functions are grouped and displayed under the source module name. When disabled, then the functions are listed alphabetically.
Scan function names in project files
Reads and displays the function names from all the files that belong to the project.
Scan function names in current editor files
Reads and displays the function names that belong to the currently open files.

Look & Feel

Sets options that affect the appearance, color, or printing.

Show Message Dialog during Find
Enables or disables the pop-up dialog that appears at the end of a search process notifying that the starting search point was reached. Disable the box to loop through the search result without notification. This box gets also disabled, when you disable the box Always show this message in the pop-up dialog.

Message notification

Highlight Current Line
Colors the current cursor line.
Highlight matching and mismatched braces
Marks matching braces with cyan. Unmatched braces are marked red. The cursor must be hovered over a brace. Redefine the colors in the tab Colors & Fonts .
Print with syntax coloring
Prints the code using the colors shown in the editor.
Colored Editor Tabs
Enables or disables colors for the file name tabs.
Right Margin: [delimiter] at [position number]
Sets an editor delimiter to mark the end of a line at position number. The default value for position number is 80 and has the range [1; 999].
The following delimiter can be selected:
  • None is the default setting and disables the delimiter.
  • Vertical Line draws a vertical line at position number.
  • Colored Background highlights all characters beyond position number.

The color of the delimiter is set in the dialog Colors & Fonts, window All Editors, element Right Margin.

File and Project Handling

Sets options that affect the file and project management.

Create Backup files (*.BAK)
Creates a back-up file in the directory of the base file when saving a file. The extension .BAK is appended to the existing file name. For example, fileName.c is saved in fileName.c.BAK. This option affects source files only and has no effect on project files. Project files are always backed up.
Automatic reload of externally modified files
When enabled, the editor reloads the files that have been modified by external tools. No warning is issued. When disabled, the editor asks for permission to reload the files. This option applies to source files and project files.
Save Project before entering Debug
The project file, *.uvproj, is saved before debugging starts.
Save Files before entering Debug
Source code files are saved before starting a debugging session.
Auto save modified File every [x] Minutes
Save changes periodically every x minutes. Default time period is 5 minutes. This option applies to source files only.

C/C++ / ASM / Other Files

Sets look and feel options for various file types. File types can be associated to a file extension using the dialog Project - Manage - Project Items - Folders/Extensions.

Use syntax coloring
Enables coloring of language elements as defined in the tab Colors & Fonts.
Insert spaces for tabs
Inserts spaces instead of tabs.
Tab size
Specifies the length of a tab in spaces.
Show Line Numbers
Displays line number in front of each code line.
Use monospaced Font
Displays the text in a monospaced font. If disabled, then the font defined in the tab Colors & Fonts is used.
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