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I²C Concepts

The I²C bus is available on several ARM, 8051, 251, and 166/ST10 devices and may be implemented in several different ways.

  • I²C serial port with hardware implemented Master and Slave functions (as in NXP (formerly Philips) 80C552, 558, and several Atmel devices).
  • Combined SPI/I²C interface with hardware implemented Slave and Software based Master functions (as in Analog Devices ADuC812, ADuC824 and several other devices).
  • Single bit hardware for software based Master and Slave support (as in NXP 8xC75x and NXP LPC series, described in NXP AN422 available from the NXP Web page).
  • Using the High-Speed Serial Interface of the Infineon 166/ST10 family for simulation of the I²C bus. (Described in the Infineon AppNote AP1626).
  • Software based simulation of a I²C Bus Master device. This can be implemented in any 8051 or 166 device be using two un-used I/O pins as SCL and SDA pins. These I/O pins are controlled by software only.

The following information about I²C Simulation applies to devices with an I²C interface hardware.

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