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Saw Tooth Signal

The following Signal Function template may be used to generate a saw tooth signal. The input signal is provided to the VTREG ADC0. The variables volts, frequency, offset, and duration allow to adjust the saw tooth signal.

// Generate Saw Tooth Signal on AD Channel 0
signal void ADC0_Saw (void)  {
  float volts;        // peak-to-peak volatage
  float frequency;    // output frequency in Hz
  float offset;       // volatge offset
  float duration;     // duration in Seconds
  float val;
  long  i, end, steps;

  volts     = 2.0;
  offset    = 0.2;
  frequency = 1400;
  duration  = 0.2;

  printf ("Saw Tooth Signal on AD Channel 0.\n");

  steps = (100000 * (1/frequency));
  end = (duration * 100000);
  for (i = 0 ; i < end; i++)  {
    val = (i % steps) / ((float) steps);
    ADC0 = (val * volts) + offset;
    swatch (0.00001);                // in 10 uSec increments

The above setting generates the following output.

Sawtooth Signal Output Displayed on Logic Analyzer Window


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