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Source Browser

The Source Browser displays program symbols and the place of their occurrence. Browse information can be viewed in Build Mode and Debug Mode.

Enable Options for Target — Output – Browse Information and compile the source code to activate program symbols.

Browser Window Button Open the window with the menu View — Source Browser Window.

Source Browser Dialog

Search controls depend on the device selected and vary accordingly.


Symbol Specifies a search string including mask characters:
  • # matches a digit (0 – 9).
  • $ matches any single character.
  • * matches zero or more characters.
Filter on Specifies the symbol type. Click the button to enable the filter.
File Outline Specifies the file in which to search for matching symbols.
Memory Spaces Specifies the memory type in which to search for matching symbols.

The result pane lists:

Name the symbol name.
Class the symbol class, which correspond to the entries in Filter on.
Type the symbol type as defined in the code.
Space the memory space where the symbol is stored.
Uses how often the symbol is used in the application.
and References
the files and code lines where the symbol is defined or referenced from. For functions, view the Call graph or Callers graph from the Context menu.

The result can contain the following identifiers:

  • [D] - definition
  • [R] - reference
  • [r] - read access
  • [w] - write access
  • [r/w] - read/write access
  • [&] - address reference

Search String Examples

Mask Matches ...
* ... any symbol. This is the default mask.
*#* ... symbols that contain one digit.
_a$#* ... symbols that start with an underline, followed by the letter a, followed by any single character, followed by a digit, ending with zero or more characters. For example, _ab1 or _a10value.
_*ABC ... symbols that start with an underline and are ending with the character sequence ABC.

Short Keys

Browse information can be accessed directly in the editor through the following shortcut keys. Position the cursor above a symbol and press:

Shortcut Key Description
F12 Goto definition.
Shift+F12 Goto reference.
Ctrl+Num+ Goto next reference or definition.
Ctrl+Num– Goto previous reference or definition.

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