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Find in Files Button Use the dialog Edit - Find in Files (shortcut Ctrl+Shift+F) to search for text patterns in files specified by the file type. The files can be located in the current project, on the computer, or network. Find results are displayed in an extra Find in Files window.


  • Compile the project before searching for patterns. This ensures that all header files are scanned.

Find in Files Dialog


Find what Enter the string pattern you want to find. This field is filled automatically with the currently selected word, the word under the caret, or the last searched pattern. The drop down contains a list of previous search strings.
File types Restrict the search to certain file types. Separate file types with a semi-colon ;
Look in Restrict the search to the current project or to a directory. You can type in the directory or use the browse button select a folder. The search order for Current Project is determined by the file sequence in the Project window. That is the first file of the first group, then the included header files. Then the next file and the included header files, and so forth. This applies also to software component groups.

You can restrict the search area also to the Current Document.
Include sub-folders Search recursively in sub-folders of the location specified in Look in.
Match case Enable this check-box to find case sensitive strings.
Match whole word Enable the check-box to find the exact matches of the search string.
Regular expression Enable the check-box to enter regular expressions. This enables the button right to the field Find what offering a collection of operators for regular expressions.
Find All Start the search process. The result is displayed in the window Find in Files.

The window Find in Files repeats the search string, shows the search result, and statistics about the search process. Double-click a result-line to jump to the source code.

Find in Files Window

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