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Configure PC-lint

This section shows the configuration of PC-Lint for validation and MISRA checking.

General setup

Open Tools – Set-up PC-lint and enter the path to the PC-lint executable. It is recommended to enable Add Compiler Conifg, as the relevant PC-lint configuration files are automatically selected.

You may include other project information as shown below. For details refer to Setup PC-lint.

picture: PC-lint config

Setup for MISRA Validation

To setup PC-Lint for MISRA validation, choose the relevant Rules configuration, for example MISRA_C_2012_Config. Then click on Setup to copy the rules configuration file to your project.

picture: MISRA config

Click on Edit to configure the MISRA rules. This opens the configuration file where you may disable certain MISRA rules.

picture: MISRA config file edit

Additional PC-lint Commands

You may enter Additional Lint Commands that are added to the PC-Lint configuration.

  • Single File allows you to specify commands when only one file is validated.
  • Multiple Files allows you to specify commands when a file group or the complete project is validated.

For example, to suppress the info 714 message from the PC-lint output, you may enter –e714 into this dialog.

picture: Exclude message

For complex PC-lint setups, you may use additional PC-lint configuration files, using the command –ifilename.lnt.

Additional Information

The folder ..\UV4\Lint contains the PC-lint template setup files.

Compiler PC-lint Setup Files
File name Description
co-ARMCC-5.lnt Setup file for ARMCC5
co-ARMCC-6.lnt Setup file for ARMCC6
co-kc51.lnt Setup file for C51
co-kc251.lnt Setup file for C251
co-kc166.lnt Setup file for C166
MISRA Template Configuration Files
File name Description
MISRA_C_2012_Config.lnt Config file for MISRA-C 2012
MISRA_C_2004_Config.lnt Config file for MISRA-C 2004
MISRA_C_1998_Config.lnt Config file for MISRA-C 1998
MISRA_CPP_2008_Config.lnt Config file for MISRA-C++ 2008
MISRA Setup Files
File name Description
au-misra3.lnt Setup file for MISRA-C 2012
au-misra2.lnt Setup file for MISRA-C 2004
au-misra1.lnt Setup file for MISRA-C 1998
au-misra-cpp.lnt Setup file for MISRA-C++ 2008

During configuration with the PC-Lint Options dialog, the related MISRA configuration is copied to the project folder into the sub-folder .\Lint. The MISRA configuration is therefore only relevant for a single project, however, you may copy existing configuration files to other projects.

PC-Lint Command File Structure

The command files for PC-Lint are generated in the project folder and have the name target_A.lnt (for single file invocation) or target_G.lnt (for multi-file invocation). The PC-lint command file is generated based on the settings in the PC-lint Options dialog. An example is shown below:

Example content of single file target_A.lnt
// PC-Lint invocation file generated by uVision
// --------------------------------------------


// Lint specific command path:
// Compiler Include path:

// ARM Compiler Lint configuration:
// Disable messages for Compiler header file directories:

// Format Output to uVision:
-format="*** LINT: %(%f(%l) %)%t %n: %m"

// Source file(s) for verification:
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