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Debug Windows and Dialogs

During Debug Mode µVision3 offers additional Debug Windows and Dialogs that are summarized below:

  • The Breakpoint Dialog allows you to define stop conditions for program execution.
  • The Code Coverage Window provides execution statistic information of execute and not executed program parts.
  • The CPU Registers may be reviewed and modified in the Regs page of the Project Workspace window.
  • The Disassembly Window allows program testing at the level of assembly instructions.
  • The Logic Analyzer provides a graphical display for value changes of peripheral registers and variables.
  • The Memory Window may be used to review and modify memory content.
  • The Memory Map dialog specifies memory areas used by the application for program code and data variables.
  • The Output Window - Command provides a command input/output window.
  • The Execution Profiler provides time and call statistics and is integrated into editor and disassembly window.
  • The Performance Analyzer Window displays the execution time statistics.
  • The Serial Window displays the UART communication with the application program.
  • The Symbol Window shows debug symbol information of the application program.
  • The Toolbox provides configurable buttons for debug command and debug function execution.
  • The Watch Window lets you view and modify program variables and lists the current function call nesting.
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