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To setup the Logic Analyzer use the menu command Debug — Logic Analyzer. You may enter the LA command in the command window to setup signals or remove all signals from recording (see also Logic Analyzer — Setup in Detail).

Logic analyzeer Setup Dialog

The Setup... dialog defines variables for signal recording and configures the display output:

Current Logic Analyzer Signals lists the current configuration.

  • Add a variable or VTREG for signal recording with New (Insert key). Delete (Delete key) removes a selected signal.
  • Select a signal name in this list to modify the following settings.

Signal Display configures the appearance of a selected signal.

  • Display Type sets the graphical display output to: Analog, Bit (0 or 1), or State (signal transitions).
  • Color sets signal display color.
  • When Hexadecimal Display is enabled signal values are shown as HEX values. When disabled decimal values are shown.

Display Range configures the value range of a selected signal.

  • Min Value and Max Value selects the display range for Analog display type. You may use decimal or HEX values for the range selection.

Display Formula (Signal & Mask) >> Shift extracts specific bits from a signal value for displaying.

  • And Mask specifies a AND mask for the value display of a signal.
  • Shift Right specifies a shift right factor for the value display of a signal.

Export / Import allows you to store and restore the current Logic Analyzer Setup.

  • Export Signal Definitions creates a file with the current setup of the signal definitions.
  • Import Signal Definitions restores a signal definition setup from a file.
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