Board Support  Version 1.0
Functions available when using the Board Software Components
Board Support

Board Support interfaces are used by various example projects to access peripherals that are frequently available on evaluation boards. The Reference section contains a detailed explanation of each Board Support interface API. The Board Support Examples section explains generic example projects that are available for many development boards in greater detail.

The following table lists the usage of the Board Support interfaces by the various example projects. Most example projects are part of the .

Example Project A/D Audio D/A Buttons EEPROM LCD Joystick LED Thermometer Touchscreen Accelerometer Magnetometer Gyroscope Camera

BSD Client

BSD Server



File System

FTP Server

HTTP Server

HTTP Upload

SMTP Client

SNMP Agent

Telnet Server

USB Device HID

USB Device Audio

USB Device Mass Storage

USB Device Virtual Com

USB Host Keyboard

USB Host Mass Storage

Board Support interface is used by the example project.

Board Support interface is used when the related hardware is available on the evaluation board.

Board Support interface is not used by the example project.

The Board Support interfaces are board-specific and typically part of the BSP section in a Software Pack. To support a new evaluation board, it is sufficient to create the easy-to-implement Board Support interfaces.

Many evaluation boards are already supported and are listed on . Once the Software Pack for an evaluation board is installed, the available Board Support interfaces can be selected in the Run-Time Environment. These interfaces can also be used by user applications or other example projects.

Board Support in the Run-Time Environment