Network Component  Version 7.17.0
MDK Middleware for IPv4 and IPv6 Networking
SMTP Client

SMTP is used for sending e-mail notifications from an embedded system to various recipients. This example shows how to setup a SMTP client for this purpose. The following picture shows an exemplary connection of the development board and a Computer.

Build the "SMTP Client" Project

Open the example project in MDK (the web page explains how to do this). The ┬ÁVision Project window should display a similar project structure:

SMTP Client Project Structure

Source Files

  • SMTP_Client.c contains the main C function that initializes the board hardware, the Network Component and provides the IP address of SMTP server.
  • The SMTP_Client_UIF.c defines the sender's and recipient's e-mail addresses and the subject. Optionally, you can specify a SMTP username and password.

You may now build and download the example project to the evaluation board using the ┬ÁVision commands:

  • Project --> Build target
  • Flash --> Download

After these steps, the project should start executing on your evaluation kit. In case of errors, refer to the Evaluation Board User's Guide for configuration information.

Using the "SMTP Client" Project

Hardware Setup

The setup of the Evaluation Board hardware is described in the Abstract.txt file.

  • Verify all jumper settings on the target hardware.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect your development board to the local area network. The PC is assumed to be already a member of this LAN.

PC Software

If you have entered your personal e-mail address as the recipient's address, you only need to open your mail program and check your inbox.