File System Component  Version 6.16.6
MDK Middleware for Devices with Flash File System
File System Component


The File System Component allows your embedded applications to create, save, read, and modify files in storage devices such as RAM, Flash, memory cards, or USB memory devices. It is part of and .

File System Overview

The File System Component is structured as follows:

  • Storage devices are referenced as drives which can be accessed by the user.
  • Multiple instances of the same storage device can be implemented (for example you might want to have two SD cards attached to your system).
  • The File System CORE supports thread-safe operation and uses an Embedded File System (EFS) (for NOR and SPI Flashes) or a FAT File System which is available in two variants:
    • The Long File Name variant supports up to 255 characters.
    • The Short File Name variant is limited to 8.3 file name support.
  • The Core allows simultaneous access to multiple storage devices (for example backing up data from internal flash to an external USB device).
  • For accessing the drives appropriate drivers are in place to support

Documentation Structure

This user's guide contains the following chapters: