MDK Middleware  Version 7.12.0
Software Components for MDK-Professional and MDK-Plus
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MDK Middleware Documentation

MDK is a development environment for ARM Cortex-M series microcontrollers which contains everything for creating and testing applications in assembly, C or C++. MDK is split into MDK Core and Software Packs making new device support and middleware updates independent from the tools.

MDK Software Packs

The contains IDE, ARM compiler, Pack Installer, and a debugger. Software Packs install device support and CMSIS components.

The MDK Middleware Software Pack contains components for IPv4 and IPv6 networking, USB Host and Device communication, file system for data storage, and a graphical user interface. The real-time operating system CMSIS-RTOS is used by all middleware components for task scheduling.

This documentation describes:

  • : create, save, read, and modify files in storage devices such as RAM, Flash, SD/SDHC/MMC memory cards, or USB memory devices.
  • : flexible graphical user interface (GUI) for LCD displays.
  • : services, protocol sockets, and physical communication interfaces for creating networking applications.
  • : create USB Device and USB Host applications with standard USB device classes.
  • : describes the board support interfaces that are used by the various example programs.

Software components outside the scope of this documentation are:

  • or the real-time operating system used by all middleware components. RTX is part of the .
  • : a software component providing encryption and secure communication for network components. mbed TLS is available as a separate .

Each component is configurable for a wide range of applications and uses the driver interface as described by the standard.

MDK Editions

MDK Middleware is available to all users of and . The following table shows the differences in middleware component availability:

Middleware Component MDK-Professional MDK-Plus
File System Available Available
Graphic Available Available
Network (IPv4) Available Available
Network (IPv4/IPv6) Available
Network (SSL/TLS) Available
USB Device Available Available
USB Host Available

Middleware Component Selection

To add the middleware components to your project, you need to select the proper MDK edition in the Manage Run-Time Environment window. Using MDK-Plus, select:


Using MDK-Professional, select:

If you have an MDK-Plus license installed, but select MDK-Pro, you will get an error at compile time.

Supported toolchains

MDK-Middleware libraries are verified to work in μVision projects with the target toolchain set to default Arm Compiler 5 or Arm Compiler 6 versions included in the MDK installer.

When using Arm Compiler 6 with Link-Time Optimization (LTO) enabled, linker errors and warnings might be issued for some symbols in the MDK-Middleware libraries due to known limitations in the toolchain. In such cases the LTO option should not be used.