Network Component  Version 7.18.0
MDK Middleware for IPv4 and IPv6 Networking
Network Examples

Many networking applications can be built with the Network Middleware Component. The following examples demonstrate the usage of the most popular services in the component.

  • The HTTP Server example shows the basic functionality of an embedded web server. It also contains information on the usage of the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) interface for web page interaction with the underlying hardware.
  • The HTTPS Server example shows the basic functionality of a secure web server using the mbed TLS software component.
  • The HTTP Upload example demonstrates how to access the SD card on a development board via a web interface.
  • In the FTP Server example you will learn to use a FTP server for file manipulation.
  • The Telnet Server example gives an example how to use Telnet to implement a User Callbacks for communication with your device.
  • Sending dynamic e-mail messages to a predefined email address is explained in the SMTP Client example.
  • The SNMP Agent example shows you how to use the Simple Network Management Protocol to control an embedded system.
  • The BSD Client/Server example shows you how to use BSD sockets for network communication.

Download these examples using the , select the related Board and Copy the example to your working directory.

Depending on your target device or development board, you may not see all of these examples in Pack Installer.