Network Component  Version 7.17.0
MDK Middleware for IPv4 and IPv6 Networking
FTP Server

This tutorial creates a FTP server that allows you to manage files from any machine using a FTP client. The following picture shows an exemplary connection of the development board and a Computer.

Build the "FTP Server" Project

Open the example project in MDK (the web page explains how to do this). The ┬ÁVision Project window should display a similar project structure:

FTP Server Project Structure

Source Files

  • FTP_Server.c contains the main C function that initializes the board hardware and the Network Component.
  • A FTP_Server_Multiuser.c file can be added using the feature. This file is used for specifying multiple users and access rights for these users.
  • Adding the FTP_Server_Access.c file enables the server to accept or block connection requests from certain remote clients.
  • The user code template file FTP_Server_Event.c contains a routine that notifies the user application about certain events happening on the FTP server (such as file/directory manipulation events).

You may now build and download the example project to the evaluation board using the ┬ÁVision commands:

  • Project --> Build target
  • Flash --> Download

After these steps, the project should start executing on your evaluation kit. In case of errors, refer to the Evaluation Board User's Guide for configuration information.

Using the "FTP Server" Project

Hardware Setup

The setup of the Evaluation Board hardware is described in the Abstract.txt file.

  • Verify all jumper settings on the target hardware.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect your development board to the local area network. The PC is assumed to be already a member of this LAN.
  • If your hardware supports it, insert a SD card into the SD card slot. This will be the data storage that you will have access to. Hardware that does not have a SD card interface will most probably use a RAM disk for FTP demonstration.

PC Software

To connect to the FTP server, all you need is a FTP client. On a Windows PC you can use the Command Prompt. Simply type ftp my_host (or the respective hostname that you have chosen in the Net_Config.c file). If you have a DCHP server in your network, it will automatically connect to the FTP server. You will be asked for a username and password combination. As for all network examples, this is "admin" (without the quotes) for the user and no password (you can change the defaults in the Net_Config_FTP_Server.h file). After a successful log in, you should see something like this: