Board Support  Version 1.0
Functions available when using the Board Software Components
Board Support Examples

Many development boards come with example projects that show the boards' capabilities.

  • The Blinky example shows how to turn the board's LEDs on and off. The program is bare-metal without the usage of a RTOS. The application uses the LED interface.
  • The CMSIS-RTOS2 Blinky example demonstrates how to turn LEDs on and off using a CMSIS-RTOS compliant real-time operating system (RTOS). The application uses the LED interface and .
  • The Demo example gives an overview over all available features on a development board. The application uses all Interfaces that are available in hardware on that specific target board.

To use these examples, use the , select the related Board and Copy the example to your working directory.

Depending on your target device or development board, you may not see all of these examples in Pack Installer.