Board Support  Version 1.0
Functions available when using the Board Software Components

The CMSIS-RTOS2 Blinky project is a simple program for turning on and off LEDs on an evaluation Board, using a CMSIS-RTOS v2 compliant real-time operating system (RTOS).

The Abstract.txt file contained in the Documentation group of the Project window gives you more information on the general setup and the available LEDs of the development board.

Build and run the "CMSIS-RTOS Blinky" Project

Open the example project in MDK (the web page explains how to do this). The ┬ÁVision Project window should display a similar project structure:

CMSIS-RTOS Blinky Project Structure

Source Files

  • Blinky.c contains the main C function that initializes the board hardware and creates the RTOS threads.
  • RTX_Config.h is the configuration file for .

You may now build and download the example project to the evaluation board using the ┬ÁVision commands:

  • Project --> Build target
  • Flash --> Download

After these steps, the project should start executing on your evaluation kit by blinking the LEDs. In case of errors, refer to the Evaluation Board User's Guide for configuration information.