Board Support  Version 1.0
Functions available when using the Board Software Components
Here is a list of all modules:
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 InterfacesBoard Drivers
 LEDLED Interface: control up to 32 status LEDs
 ButtonsButtons Interface
 JoystickJoystick Interface: input device with 5 buttons
 A/D ConverterAnalog to Digital Converter Interface
 D/A ConverterDigital to Analog Converter Interface
 AudioAudio Interface
 Stream IdentifiersIdentifiers for audio streams
 Channel IdentifiersIdentifiers for audio channels
 Data Format IdentifiersIdentifiers for audio data formats
 Audio EventsIdentifiers for audio events
 Graphic LCDGraphic LCD Interface
 ConfigurationDisplay configuration
 Color codingPredefined colors
 TouchscreenTouchscreen Interface of LCD Graphic displays
 ThermometerThermometer Interface: connects to a temperature sensor
 MagnetometerMagnetometer Interface
 AccelerometerAccelerometer Interface
 GyroscopeGyroscope Interface
 CameraCamera Interface