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File and Group Specific Options

The options in the Options for Target window allow you to set the global options for each Target. Each File Group automatically inherits that Target's settings unless explicitly set otherwise. Each File in a Group inherits the Group's settings unless explicitly set otherwise.

µVision3 allows you to set file and group specific options via the local menu in the Project Workspace — Files page as follows:

  1. Right-click the file or group
  2. Choose Options for …

Then you can review information or set special options for the item selected. The dialog pages have tri-state controls. If a selection is gray or contains <default> the setting from the higher group or target level is active. The following table describes the options of the Properties dialog page:

Dialog Item Description
Path, Type, Size Last Change Outputs information about the file selected.
Include in Target Build Disable this option to exclude the group or source file in this project target. If this option is not set, µVision will not translate and not link the selected item into the current target. This is useful for configuration files, when you are using a single project file for several different hardware systems.
Always Build Enable this option to re-translate a source module with every build process, regardless of modifications in the source file. This is useful when a file contains __DATE__ and __TIME__ macros that are used to stored version information in the application program.
Generate Assembler SRC File Only available for C51, C166 and C251: Instructs the C compiler to generate an assembler source file from this C module. Typical this option is used when the C source file contains #pragma asm / endasm sections.
Assemble SRC File Use this option together with the option Generate Assembler SRC File to translate the assembler source code generated by Compiler into an object file that can be linked to the application.
Link Publics Only Instructs Linker to link only PUBLIC symbols from that module. Typical this option when you want to use entry or variable addresses from a different application. It refers in the most cases to an absolute object file which may be part of the project.
Stop on Exit Code Specify an exit code when the build process should be stop on translator messages. By default, µVision translates all files in a build process regardless of error or warning messages.
Select Modules to Always Include Allows you to always include specific modules from a Library.
Custom Arguments This line is required if your project contains files that need a different translator.

In the example setup below we have specified for FILE1.C that the build process is stopped when there are translator warnings and that this file is translated with each build process regardless of modifications.

Options for File Dialog Showing Translator Warnings

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