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µVision3 Overview User Interface Creating Applications Utilities Debugging Debug Commands Debug Functions Simulation Flash Programming Dialogs File Device Database License Management Single-User License Floating-User License Floating License Administrator Edit Find in Files Configuration Editor Colors & Fonts User Keywords Shortcut Keys Templates View Symbol Window Project Components, Enviornment, and Books Project Components Folders/Extensions Books Multi-Project Select Device Options Device Properties Target Target (Keil ARM) Target (Keil C51) Target (Keil C166) Target (Keil C251) Target (GNU ARM) Target (RealView ARM) Output Output (Keil) Output (GNU ARM) Output (RealView ARM) Listing Listing (Keil) Listing (GNU ARM) Listing (RealView ARM) User Keil EC++ Compiler Compiler Keil CA ARM Compiler Keil Cx51 Compiler Keil C166 Compiler Keil C251 Compiler GNU ARM C Compiler RealView ARM C Compiler Assembler Keil AA ARM Assembler Keil Ax51 Assembler Keil A166 Assembler Keil A251 Assembler GNU ARM Assembler RealView ARM Assembler Linker Keil LA Locate Keil LA Misc Keil BL51 Locate Keil BL51 Misc Keil Lx51 Locate Keil Lx51 Misc Keil L166 Locate Keil L166 Misc GNU ARM Linker RealView ARM Linker Debug Utilities Batch Build Debug Breakpoints Debug Settings Logic Analyzer Memory Map Performance Analyzer Function Editor Tools Setup PC-Lint Customize Tools Menu SVCS Configure Version Control Example Programs Command Line Appendix

Keil A166 Assembler

Conditional Assembly Controls
Set assigns numeric values to variables that are used in $IF and $ELSEIF directives to control conditional assembly sections. The variable names must conform to the standard symbol conventions and are administered separately so that they cannot interfere with other assembly symbols.

clears previous Set assignments that are entered in the options dialog of a higher Target or Group level.
MPL Macro Processing
This check box enables the Macro Processing Language (MPL) which is a string replacement facility. MPL has several predefined macro processor functions that perform many useful operations like string manipulation or number processing.
Case Sensitive Symbols
When enabled the Assembler interprets symbol names using both uppercase and lowercase characters and outputs them to the object file with the case preserved. Symbols are case-sensitive. When disabled the Assembler converts all symbol names to uppercase.
Include Paths
Allows you to supply one or more paths to search when processing an $INCLUDE file directive.
Misc Controls
Specify any assembler directive for which there is no individual dialog control.
Assembler Control String
Displays the current directives at the assembler command line.


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