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Configure Flash Menu Command

Use Target Driver for Flash Programming
Select the driver that µVision should use for Flash Programming. Typically this is the same driver that the Debug interface uses.
Open the Flash driver settings dialog.
Update Target before Debugging
Download the current application before starting the Debugger.
Init File
Specify a initialization file that µVision should execute before the flashing the target. This initialization file may contain Debug Commands required to configure the target for Flash download.

allows you to open and modify the initialization file with the text editor.

Use External Tool for Flash Programming
µVision can call a third-party tool to flash the target hardware.
Enter the command (typically a .EXE file) of the Flash tool you want to use.
Specify the arguments that µVision will pass to the Flash tool. You may use Key Sequences here.
Run Independent
When enabled, µVision does not wait for the Flash tool to finish.
When disabled, µVision waits until the Flash download completes and shows the results of the Flash tool in the Output Window.
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