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The BreakAccess command allows you to define an access breakpoint using an address range.

Syntax Description
BA READ exp, len, cnt, "cmd" Set a read access breakpoint.
BA WRITE exp, len, cnt, "cmd" Set a write access breakpoint.
BA READWRITE exp, len, cnt, "cmd" Set a read/write access breakpoint.
  • len is an expression that specifies the memory range in which the breakpoint triggers.

BreakAccess inherits the features of the super-set command BreakSet.


  • When an Access Breakpoint (read or write) is set to a peripheral register (SFR) in the Simulator, the breakpoint might trigger even though the application did not access the peripheral register. This happens because the µVision Simulator makes no difference between application-driven and Simulator-internal accesses.
  • For 80x51 microcontrollers, expr can contain a Memory Type Specifier.
  • Access Breakpoints are sometimes called Watchpoints. Watchpoints are different from watch expressions used in a Watch window. To define watch expressions, use the command WatchSet.
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