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The Enter command allows changing memory contents.

Syntax Description
E dtype startAddr = expr , expr ... Changes the contents of memory starting at startAddr using expressions (expr) of the specified data type.
  • dtype is the data type of exp.
  • startAddr is the starting memory address to which data are written.
    For 80x51 microcontrollers, startAddr can contain a Memory Type Specifier.
  • expr is an expression that defaults to data of type dtype. Developers can specify multiple expressions separated by commas ( , ), which are converted into the specified data type and are stored in consecutive memory addresses.

The following data types (dtypes) are allowed:

Type Description
CHAR A signed or unsigned character.
DOUBLE A double precision floating-point number.
FLOAT A floating-point number.
INT A signed or unsigned integer.
LONG A signed or unsigned long integer.
>E CHAR x:0 = 1,2,"-µVision-"                    /* Enter Characters */
>D x:0
 X:0000  01 02 2D B5 56 69 73 69 - 6F 6E 34 2D 00 00 00 00 ..-.Vision-....

>E FLOAT x:0x2000 = 3,4,15.2,0.33                /* Enter Float      */
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