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µVision4 User's Guide (Japanese)

µVision4 の概要 ユーザインタフェース アプリケーションの作成 ユーティリティ デバッグ デバッグコマンド デバッグ関数 シミュレーション フラッシュプログラミング ダイアログ サンプルプログラム コマンドライン 付録 A. 製品のライセンス B. ファイルタイプ C. デバイスデータベースのパラメータ E. Error Messages Error E000 Error E001 Error E002 Error E003 Error E004 Error E005 Error E006 Error E007 Error E008 Error E009 Error E010 Error E011 Error E012 Error E013 Error E014 Error E015 Error E016 Error E017 Error E018 Error E019 Error E020 Error E021 Error E022 Error E023 Error E024 Error E025 Error E026 Error E027 Error E028 Error E029 Error E030 Error E031 Error E032 Error E033 Error E034 Error E035 Error E036 Error E037 Error E038 Error E039 Error E040 Error E041 Error E042 Error E043 Error E044 Error E045 Error E046 Error E047 Error E048 Error E049 Error E050 Error E051 Error E052 Error E053 Error E054 Error E055 Error E056 Error E057 Error E058 Error E059 Error E060 Error E061 Error E062 Error E063 Error E064 Error E065 Error E066 Error E067 Error E068 Error E069 Error E070 Error E071 Error E072 Error E073 Error E074 Error E075 Error E076 Error E077 Error E078 Error E079 Error E080 Error E081 Error E082 Error E083 Error E084 Error E085 Error E086 Error E087 Error E088 Error E089 Error E090 Error E091 Error E092 Error E093 Error E094 Error E095 Error E096 Error E097 Error E098 Error E099 Error E100 Error E101 Error E102 Error E103 Error E104 Error E105 Error E106 Error E107 Error E108 Error E109 Error E110 Error E111 Error E112 Error E113 Error E114 Error E115 Error E116 Error E117 Error E118 Error E119 Error E120 Error E121 Error E122 Error E123 Error E124 Error E125 Error E126 Error E127 Error E128 Error E131 Error E132 Error E133 Error E140 Error E145 Error E146 Error E147 Error E148 Error E149 Error E150 Error E151 Error E152 Error E153 Error E154 Error E155 Error E156 Error E157 Error E158 Error E159 Error E160 Error E161 Error E162 Error E163 Error E164 Error E165 Error E166 Error E167 Error E168 Error E169 Error E170 Error E171 Error E172 Error E173 Error E174 Error E175 Error E176 Error E177 Error E178 Error E179 Error E180 Error E181 Error E182 Error E183 Error E184 Error E185 Error E186 Error E187 Error E188 Error E189 Error E190 Error E191 Error E192 Error E193 Error E540 Error E541 Error E542 Error E543 Error E544 Error E545 Error E546 Error E550 Error E552 Error E601 Error E602 Error E603 Error E604 Error E701 Error E704

E. Error Messages

The following errors are covered:

Error Number Description
E000 Unknown Error
E001 Illegal Character
E002 Illegal Character Constant
E003 Illegal Hex Constant
E004 Escape Value Too Big
E005 String Too Long
E006 Missing String Terminator
E007 Illegal Octal Digit
E008 Number Value Too Big
E009 Invalid Floating Point Syntax
E010 Syntax Error
E011 Negative Subscript
E012 Value Out Of Range
E013 Array Size 0
E014 Illegal Constant Expression
E015 Multiple Storage Class Given
E016 Illgeal Storage Class
E017 Illegal Type Specifier
E018 Invalid Storage Class
E019 Parse Stack Overflow
E020 Identifier Expected
E021 ')' Expected
E022 '(' Expected
E023 ';' Expected
E024 '}' Expected
E025 ']' Expected
E026 ':' Expected
E027 Expression Too Complex (Heap Nodes)
E028 Literal Expected
E029 Unclosed Comment
E030 Undefined Name Of Virtual Register
E031 Illegal Qualifier
E032 Redefinition Error
E033 Invalid Type
E034 Undefined Identifier
E035 Undefined Line Number
E036 Illgeal Type Conversion
E037 Operator Applied To Illegal Type
E038 Sizeof Illgeal Operand Taken
E039 Not A Modifiable Lvalue
E040 '*' Illegal Indirection
E041 Incompatible Operand Type
E042 At Least One 'Void' Type Operand
E043 Address Of Rvalue Taken
E044 Unsupported Operation
E045 Two Pointers/Addresses With Different Mspaces
E046 Subscript Requires Array
E047 Sizeof Returns Zero
E048 Invalid Dereference
E049 Not A User Or Built-In Function
E050 Unsupported Type
E051 Actual Parameters Do Not Match Function Def
E052 Left Side Of '.' Requires Struct/Union
E053 Left Side Of '->' Requires Struct/Union Pointer
E054 Undefined Struct/Union Member
E055 Illegal Expression Token
E056 Cant Open File
E057 Illegal Address (%S)
E058 Illegal Record
E059 Invalid Absolute Module
E060 Checksum-Error
E061 Illegal Hex Module
E062 Unknown Environment Variable
E063 Logfile Already Active
E064 Can'T Create (Or Append To) File
E065 Access Violation: Addr=0X%08X
E066 Illegal Opcode
E067 Invalid Address Expression
E068 Div/Mod By Zero
E069 Can'T Store Value While Running
E070 '&': Invalid Operand Given
E071 Invalid Expression Type      
E072 Invalid Item Number
E073 Unsupported Breakpoint Type
E074 Overlapping Address Ranges   
E075 Too Many Items
E076 Command Not Supported In Target Mode
E077 Invalid Bit Address
E078 Invalid Bit Position
E079 '{' Scope Stack Overflow (16)
E080 Invalid 'Break/Continue'
E081 'Case/Default': Missing Enclosing Switch
E082 More Than One 'Default'
E083 Duplicate Label
E084 Missing Return Expression
E085 Return Value On Void Function
E086 Undefined Label
E087 Not An Integer Constant Expression
E088 Invalid Type On Controlling Expression
E089 Duplicate Identifier (Parm Or Local)
E090 More Than 16 Parameters
E091 Call To Undefined Function
E092 Can'T Redefine Builtin Function
E093 Can'T Remove Builtin-Function
E094 Signal(): Can'T Receive Or Return Value(S)
E095 Duplicate Case Label
E096 Function Too Big
E097 Signal() Must Contain Twatch()
E098 Internal: Function Execution Error
E099 Signal() Already Activated
E100 Too Many Signals()'S
E101 No Such Signal()
E102 Function Calls Too Nested
E103 Command Not Allowed Now
E104 Undefined Function
E105 Call Not To Function
E106 Out Of Memory
E107 Function '%S' Is Currently In Use
E108 Wwatch/Twatch(): Not Within Signal()  
E109 Function Has Been Redefined After Reference
E110 Too Many Operands
E111 Number Of Operands Does Not Match Instruction
E112 Illegal Override Type
E113 Illegal Operand: '/Register' Or '#Register'
E114 Register: Illegal Type- Or Space-Override
E115 Instruction Does Not Match Cpu
E116 Branch Target Out Of Range
E117 Illegal Register Operand
E118 Invalid Short Value
E119 Invalid Instruction Operand
E120 Code Size Limit Exceeded
E121 Agdi: Cannot Access Target While Executing
E122 Agdi: Memory Read Failed (%S)
E123 Agdi: Invalid Operation
E124 Agdi: Attempt To Write Read Only Item
E125 Agdi: Memory Write Failed (%S)
E126 Agdi: Memory Map Failed (0X%08X)
E127 Com Channel Not Opened Use Mode Command First
E128 Invalid Map Command
E129 User Format
E131 File Is Empty
E132 Command Supported In Target Mode Only
E133 Unknown Namespace
E140 Access Is Out Of Bounds
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