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Syntax Description
Go startaddr, stopaddr Starts program execution from startaddr, if specified, and stops at stopaddr, if specified.

The Go command instructs µVision3 to begin running your target program.

Execution begins from the address specified by startaddr. If startaddr is not specified, execution begins from the current program counter. Generally, it is not necessary to specify the start address after the current program counter is used as the start address.

Target program execution stops at the address specified by stopaddr. If stopaddr is specified, µVision3 sets a temporary breakpoint which is deleted when execution stops. If stopaddr is not specified, target program execution continues until a breakpoint is reached or until execution is stopped by clicking the Stop button in the Debug window.

After the target program execution stops, the Register, Watch, Debug, and other windows are updated to reflect the new CPU status.


  • When conditional breakpoints are used, µVision3 must check break conditions after each instruction. For this reason, µVision3 runs the target program in single-step mode even though the Go command was used to begin execution.
>G,main         /* Run starting at $ up to address main       */
>G              /* Start at $.  Break with Ctrl+C or breakpoint */
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