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Edit Menu Toolbar Shortcut Description
    Home Move cursor to beginning of line
    End Move cursor to end of line
    Ctrl+Home Move cursor to beginning of file
    Ctrl+End Move cursor to end of file
    Ctrl+Left Arrow Move cursor one word left
    Ctrl+Right Arrow Move cursor one word right
    Ctrl+A Select all text in the current file
  Previous Button    Move cursor back to the location before a 'find' or 'go to line' command
  Next Button   Move cursor forward to the location after a 'find' or 'go to line' command
Undo Undo Button Ctrl+Z Cancels the last edit operation
Redo Redo Button Ctrl+Y Reinstates the last undone operation
Cut Cut Button Ctrl+X Cut selected text to clipboard
Copy Copy Button Ctrl+C Copy selected text to clipboard
Paste paste Button Ctrl+V Paste text from clipboard
Indent Selected Text Indent Button   Indent selected text right one tab stop
Unindent Selected Text Outdent Button   Indent selected text left one tab stop
Toggle Bookmark Toggle Bookmark Button Ctrl+F2 Toggle bookmark at current line
Goto Next Bookmark Next Bookmark Button F2 Move cursor to next bookmark
Goto Previous Bookmark Previous Bookmark Button Shift+F2 Move cursor to previous bookmark
Clear All Bookmarks Clear All Bookmarks Button Ctrl+Shift+F2 Clear all bookmarks in active file
Find Find Button Ctrl+F Search text in the active file
    F3 Repeat search text forward
    Shift+F3 Repeat search text backward
    Ctrl+F3 Search word under cursor
Replace   Ctrl+H Replace specific text
Find in Files... Find in Files Button Shift+Ctrl+F  Search text in several files
Incremental Find Incremental Find Button Ctrl+I Find on a letter-by-letter basis as you type the characters
Outlining     Commands for source code outlining
Advanced     Advanced editor commands
Configuration Configuration Button   Change Colors, Fonts, Shortcuts and Editor options

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