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26 Jun 2018

MDK supports Microchip SAML10/L11 devices

The new SAM L10 and SAM L11 microcontroller families from Microchip are based on the Arm® Cortex®-M23 core, with the SAM L11 featuring Arm TrustZone® technology for microcontrollers, a programmable environment that provides hardware isolation between certified libraries, IP and application code.

In addition to TrustZone, the SAML11 security features include an on-board cryptographic module supporting Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Galois Counter Mode (GCM) and Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA). The secure boot and secure key storage with tamper detection capabilities establish a hardware root of trust and thus enable secure firmware upgrades.

Microchip SAML11 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit

Microchip SAML11 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit

MDK v5.26 pre-release fully supports these devices with device family packs that include example applications for SAML10 and SAML11 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kits.

Application note 313 shows how to create projects with MDK for the SAM L10 microcontroller family.

Application note 315 explains how to configure and use secure and non-secure domains of the SAM L11 devices.

The CMSIS-compliant device support makes it straightforward to integrate numerous CMSIS software components, including CMSIS-RTOS with Keil RTX or FreeRTOS kernels. The CMSIS-RTOS implementations are supported in the µVision Debugger with the Component Viewer for kernel awareness and the Event Recorder for analyzing the dynamic run-time behavior.

ULINKplus debug adapter enables high-resolution power measurement on SAML10/L11 devices. Using the µVision System Analyzer window you can observe the measurement data graphically and time-synchronized with other system events. The Event Statistics feature allows developers to collect statistical data about execution time and power consumption when running application code. Microchip Xplained Pro Evaluation Kits expose necessary pins for MCU and I/O power measurements.

Microchip SAML11 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit

System Analyzer window with power measurement data

Both MCU families are ultra-low power and offer latest generation Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC) for capacitive touch capabilities. The PTC adds Driven Shield Plus to provide superior water tolerance and excellent noise immunity enabling elegant touch interfaces. The SAML10/L11 family is ideal for a myriad of IoT & security, automotive, appliance, medical and consumer applications whether hardwired or battery powered.

Developing quality and secure embedded systems requires robust and effective software development tools. The user-friendly Arm Keil MDK includes the best-in-class Arm compiler combined with a robust, feature-rich debugger that interfaces also to Microchip Embedded Debugger (EDBG), the integrated on-board debug adapter of the Xplained Pro Evaluation Kits.

At Microchip MASTERs event in Phoenix, USA and European MASTERs in Berlin, Germany you can personally talk to our experts and learn how to use MDK with SAML10/L11 and other Microchip devices.

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