Network Component  Version 6.6
MDK-Professional Middleware for IP Networking
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Here is a list of all modules:
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oDirectories and Files
|oHTTP Web ServerHTTP Web Server routines are used to run and configure services of the built-in web server
|oFTP Client & ServerFTP is used for file transfer supporting sub-directories, log-in and a set of manipulation commands
||oFTP Server RoutinesFTP Server Routines enable the transfer of files to a FTP Client
||\FTP Client RoutinesFTP Client Routines provide access to a FTP Server
|oTFTP Client & ServerTFTP is used for simple file transfer (typically used for boot-loading remote devices)
||oTFTP Server RoutinesTFTP Server Routines enable the transfer of files to a TFTP Client
||\TFTP Client RoutinesTFTP Client Routines provide access to a TFTP Server
|oTelnet ServerTelnet Server routines allow command line access to an embedded module of an IP network
|oSNMP AgentSNMP Agent routines enable network management features
|oDNS ClientDNS Client routines help to resolve DNS requests using an external DNS server
|oSNTP ClientSNTP Client routines deliver precise timing information over an IP network
|\SMTP ClientSMTP Client routines allow sending of e-mail notifications using a SMTP server
|oBSD SocketBSD socket routines enable BSD compliant communication over TCP/IP
|oTCP SocketTCP socket routines enable reliable IP communication using the transmission control protocol (TCP)
|\UDP SocketUDP socket routines enable simple IP communication using the user datagram protocol (UDP)
|oEthernetEthernet routines enable communication over an Ethernet-based IP network
|oPoint-to-Point Protocol (PPP)PPP routines enable IP communication over a direct connection between two networking nodes
|\Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP)SLIP routines enable IP communication over a serial line
oGeneral RoutinesGeneral Routines can be used for various purposes
|\IGMP RoutinesIGMP Routines enable IP Multicasting
oSystem Functions (User)Core system functions to be called by user
oStatus and Error CodesStatus and Error Codes returned by Network functions
\System Functions (Internal)Core system functions not to be called by user