Network Component  Version 6.6
MDK-Professional Middleware for IP Networking
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 HTTP Web Server
 HTTP Web Server routines are used to run and configure services of the built-in web server.
 FTP Client & Server
 FTP is used for file transfer supporting sub-directories, log-in and a set of manipulation commands.
 TFTP Client & Server
 TFTP is used for simple file transfer (typically used for boot-loading remote devices).
 Telnet Server
 Telnet Server routines allow command line access to an embedded module of an IP network.
 SNMP Agent
 SNMP Agent routines enable network management features.
 DNS Client
 DNS Client routines help to resolve DNS requests using an external DNS server.
 SNTP Client
 SNTP Client routines deliver precise timing information over an IP network.
 SMTP Client
 SMTP Client routines allow sending of e-mail notifications using a SMTP server.


The Network Component has several integrated high level services for common networking tasks.

Some services require adding user interface modules to your project and customizing them to your needs. You can also write your own service applications and use only the built-in socket interface. The Network Component has various Sockets integrated.