USB Component  Version 6.16.1
MDK Middleware for USB Device and Host Communication
USB Device

API Interface of the USB Device Component. More...


 Initialize and manage the USB Device Core statically and at run-time.
 Device Class
 Implement application specific behavior of USB Device classes.
 Data Types
 Data Types used by USB Device component.
 Debug Events
 Event Recorder functions.


API Interface of the USB Device Component.

Refer to USB Device for more information of the USB Device Component.

USB Device Threads and Function Calls

Each USB Device instance has a separate configuration file USBD_Config_n.c whereby

For example, you might have 2 mass storage device instances as a part of the device. The configuration files will have the names USBD_Config_MSC_0.h and USBD_Config_MSC_1.h. The user code will be placed in the files USBD_User_MSC_0.c and USBD_User_MSC_1.c.

Within template files, the place-holder for a device instance is marked %Instance%. Please replace %Instance% with the corresponding device class instance number.

A configuration file defines:

These settings are used to create Device Descriptor, Configuration Descriptor, and Interface Descriptor.