USB Component  Version 6.16.0
MDK Middleware for USB Device and Host Communication
Bulk Transfers

Bulk Transfers are used for data which are not of the type Control, Interrupt, or Isochronous. Reliable exchange of data is ensured at the hardware level using error detection.

Data are transferred in the same manner as in Interrupt Transfers, but have no defined polling rate. Bulk Transfers take up all the bandwidth that is available after the other transfers have finished. If the bus is very busy, then a Bulk Transfer may be delayed.

The maximum packet size for the bulk endpoint data is:

  • 8, 16, 32 or 64 bytes for full-speed
  • 512 bytes for high-speed

For low-speed and full-speed endpoints the following is valid: If the bus is idle, multiple Bulk Transfers can take place in a single 1ms frame (Interrupt and Isochronous Transfers are limited to a maximum of one packet per frame).

For example, Bulk Transfers send data to a printer. As long as the data is printed in a reasonable time frame, the exact transfer rate is not important.

Bulk Transfer Read and Writes