MDK Middleware  Version 7.9.0
Software Components for MDK-Professional and MDK-Plus
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Driver Interface

The interface to the microcontroller peripherals is done using drivers complying with the standard. These drivers are not limited to MDK Middleware and may be used by other middleware stacks to utilize the peripherals.

For each enabled peripheral of the microcontroller, a control or access struct is provided that is the interface for the middleware. Drivers for most of the communication peripherals are part of a that provides device support.

Drivers are connected to Middleware using configuration files

The drivers are typically configured using the RTE_device.h configuration file. This file maps I/O pins, interrupts and DMA channels to the available microcontroller resources. Silicon vendors may supply their own configuration tools for peripheral access (for example, or ).

The access struct of the various drivers is connected to the middleware using the configuration files of each middleware component.