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RL-ARM User's Guide

The RL-ARM™ User's Guide contains detailed information about the components of the RealView® Real-Time Library (RL-ARM). RL-ARM is:

  • A group of tightly-coupled libraries designed to solve the real-time and communication challenges of embedded systems.
  • A collection of easy-to-use middleware components that are designed to work across many ARM- and Cortex-M processor-based microcontrollers.
  • Integrated into the MDK-Professional Edition.

This manual contains the following chapters:

  • RL-RTX describes the operating system (RTOS) component of RL-ARM, tasks and task priorities, task management, timers, scheduling, interrupt functions, mailboxes, and the RTX-RTOS configuration and debugging possibilities.
  • RL-FlashFS describes the Flash File System component of RL-ARM for managing files stored on standard Flash, RAM, or Memory Card devices.
  • RL-TCPnet describes the TCP/IP Protocol Stack Suite component of RL-ARM explaining the various TCP/IP features, and helps in creating embedded applications that can connect to the Internet.
  • RL-CAN describes the Controller Area Network (CAN) driver component of RL-ARM, and explains the creation of CAN applications using the RTX kernel.
  • RL-USB describes the USB Device and USB Host driver component of RL-ARM for creating USB applications.
  • Example Programs lists and explains some of the examples built with RL-ARM.
  • Library Reference describes all the library routines that are available in RL-ARM.
  • Appendix contains the µVision® debug dialogs and a glossary.

Revision History

  • April 2011: RL-FlashFS updated to reflect library functions.
  • February 2011: RL-USB for USB Device Applications adapted.
  • December 2010: RL-USB for USB Host Applications added.
  • November 2009: Manual updated, added FTP Server.
  • February 2009: RTX-ARM V2, the __task keyword position changed.
  • November 2008: Manual updated, added XML, TCP sliding window.
  • January 2008: Manual updated, added RTX Kernel for Cortex™-M devices.
  • November 2006: Added SD/MMC Flash Memory Card support.
  • November 2006: Moved all function descriptions into the library reference chapter.
  • October 2006: Initial import to web.
  • October 2005: Added Mutex Objects, Stack Checking, Flash File System, and CAN Driver.
  • June 2005: Second revision.
  • February 2005: First revision.
  • November 2004: Initial revision.

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