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Handshake Solutions HT80C51

The Handshake Solutions HT80C51 is a Low power, asynchronous 80C51 implementation using handshake technology, compatible with the standard 8051 instruction set. Numerous core and peripheral options are available including: dual data pointers, clock synchronization of the CPU (1 clock per machine cycle), interrupt controller (up to 15 inputs, 2 or 4 levels), timers 0 and 1, UART, SPI, I²C (with 10-bit addressing and up to 3.4 Mbit/s), parallel input and output ports, triple-DES module, MOVC-protection, code-patch unit and peripheral buses to connect synchronous or asynchronous peripheral modules.

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Development Tools
Compiler, Assembler, Linker, Debugger
Data Sheets
Leaflet for the Handshake Solutions HT80C51
143,629 bytes
User's Manual for the Handshake Solutions HT80C51
User's Manual
861,184 bytes

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Header Files
Real-Time OS
Simulated Features

The following on-chip peripherals are simulated by the Keil Software µVision Debugger.

AGSI Drivers

The following AGSI Drivers are available for the Keil Software µVision Simulator.

AGDI Drivers

The following AGDI Drivers are available for the Keil Software µVision Debugger.

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