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What's New in MDKARM Version 5.35

MDK-ARM - Version 5.35 release

Release Date: 30th June, 2021

  • [µVision updated to V5.35.0.0]
    • Disabled: external oscillator frequency (Xtal) configuration in Options for Target dialog for µVision 5 projects (*.uvprojx).
    • Updated: Arm Compiler 6 generates DWARF4 debug format when Debug Information is enabled.
    • Corrected: dragging of symbols from the editor into Watch, Command, Memory, System and Logic Analyzer window not working in MDK v5.34.
    • Corrected: debug information processing for C++ resulting in symbol out of scope message.
    • Corrected: setting breakpoints in Disassembler window in case a single source code line is associated with non-continuous addresses.
    • Corrected: single step code at address 0x00000000.
    • Corrected: disassembly of some Armv8-M instructions.
    • Corrected: fixed aborting debug script execution causing a target access error (Cortex-M targets).
  • [Arm Compiler included]
    • Arm Compiler 5 version 5.06u7 - see Release Notes for further details. - same as in MDK version 5.32.
    • Arm Compiler 6 version 6.16 - see Release Notes for further details. - same as in MDK version 5.34.
  • [Software Packs included]
    • Keil - MDK-Middleware 7.13.0
      • Network Component Version 7.15.0
        • Added functions netARP_ClearCache and netNDP_ClearCache to clear the ARP or NDP cache at runtime.
        • Improved dynamic memory debugging, added more memory allocation and memory free debug events.
        • Improved DNS response validation to improve robustness and resilience against DNS cyber attacks.
        • Updated for use with the FuSa C Library, sprintf and sscanf are no longer used in the network library.
        • Fixed duplicate AutoIP addresses if the same firmware is deployed on multiple devices.
        • Fixed nonce caching issue in HTTP Digest authentication.
        • Corrected BSD select function to report a socket closed by a peer as readable.
        • Fixed an Ethernet connectivity issue when the ARP cache table is fully utilized.
        • Added functions in the user API that enable or disable echo response at runtime.
        • Fixed Ethernet driver handling so that the receive function is not called before the link-up.
        • Fixed possible NULL pointer dereference in a multi-interface configuration.
        • Fixed issue with HTTP Digest authentication with Apple Safari browser.
      • FileSystem Component Version 6.14.1
        • Added health status (S.M.A.R.T.) access support for eMMC and SD devices.
        • Enhanced error handling and return status propagation in EFS.
        • Corrected bug in ftime_set which could cause long file name entry overwrite.
        • Corrected bug in FAT name cache which could cause a cache miss situation when switching directories using fchdir.
      • USB Component Version 6.15.0
        • USB Host: Added support for Isochronous transfers (only for EHCI full-speed).
        • USB Host: Fixed sporadic crash when disconnecting device from port 1.
        • USB Host: Fixed OHCI driver causing HardFault during debugging.
        • USB Device: ClearEndpointFeature request passes to low level driver even if endpoint was not in halt state.
      • Graphics Component Segger emWin to version 6.16.3 (see revision history for details).
    • Arm - CMSIS 5.8.0
  • [Target debugging]
    • ULINKproupdated debug drivers:
      • Corrected: Fixed ETMv4 decoder falsely raising errors on not-taken unconditional branches in IT blocks.
    • STMicroelectronics ST-LINK:
      • Updated debug driver to version
      • Updated firmware upgrade utility ST-LinkUpgrade.exe to version2.5.6.
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