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What's New in C166 Version 7.07

  • [C166 Compiler]
    • Corrected: BYTEALIGN did create byte accesses to XSFR registers. Depending on the peripheral this may create unexpected side-effects. Now the compiler generates always WORD writes to the XSFR address range. Example:
      #pragma bytealign
      #define ADC0_KSCFG             (*((unsigned int volatile sdata *) 0xE00C))    // XSFR definition
      ADC0_KSCFG = ( ( 1<<1 ) | ( 1<<0 ) ) ;  /* previous compiler versions generate two byte writes which may cause side-effects */
    • Corrected: In previous compiler versions using BYTEALIGN in combination with (unsigned) long multiplication may result in Illegal Word Operand Access Trap when the target variable resides on odd memory address. Example:
      #pragma bytealign
      struct { unsigned char uc; unsigned long ul; } val;
      extern unsigned int ifunc (void);
      val.ul = ifunc() * 10L;    // previous compiler versions generate 16-bit write to memory which causes hardware trap
  • [C166 Run-Time Library]
    • Corrected: sprintf function which fails in XLARGE model to write in a buffer that crosses a 64k border.
  • [µVision4 Debugger]
    • Corrected: an error which occurs when HEX files use UNIX newline encoding (LF only instead of CR/LF).
  • [µVision4]
    • This C166 release comes with µVision V4.24.00.
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