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What's New in AR166 Version 3.30

  • There is a compatibility issue between C166 V7.54 and AR166 versions equal or less than 3.20. If you want to use this combination, you must add one #pragma NOFRAME directive just above the ISR 'function os_tmr_interrupt' in file C:\Keil\C166\inc\AR166_lib.c.
    However we recommend to update AR166 to version 3.30. Example:
    #pragma NOFRAME /* This directive is absolutely necessary since C166 version 7.54 */
    void os_tmr_interrupt (void) interrupt TxINTNR {
      __asm { JMP OS_CLOCK_INTERRUPT };
  • [FlashFS - Enhancements]
    • Added: added SPI flash driver for Intel serial flash S33.
  • [TCPnet - Enhancements]
  • Added: new file types/extensions in Web server [MIME types]:
    • txt [text/plain]
    • svg [image/svg+xml]
    • svgz [image/svg+xml], encoding gzip
    • jar [application/java-archive]
    • jz [application/x-javascript], encoding gzip
    • js.gz [application/x-javascript], encoding gzip
  • [TCPnet - Problems Solved]
    • Corrected: problem in FTP server interface module (filenames with leading '.' were not shown).
    • Corrected: filename parsing in Web server. A file type is now determined by the filename extension, found after the last dot in a filename.
    • Corrected: UDP socket and source port handling in DNS client. A free high UDP port from 1024 to 65535 is now chosen for a source port. After the host name is resolved, the udp port is closed.
    • Corrected: selecting a valid IP address of a DNS server when PPP enabled and ethernet disabled in the configuration.
    • Corrected: parameter locport checking in tcp_connect() function. If TCP socket type is TCP_TYPE_CLIENT_SERVER, and socket is listening, the tcp_connect() function accepts only 0 or listening port number as locport parameter.
  • [RTX - Problems Solved]
    • Updated: RTX librares built without the default RTX configuration.
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