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What's New in AR166 Version 2.00

  • [Kernel]
    Added new functions os_tsk_create_ex and os_tsk_create_user_ex which allow you to pass a parameter to a task when it is created. This is useful when a single task is started in multiple instances. Each instance may receive a different parameter value.
  • [Kernel]
    Changed the tick timer setup in the configuration so that manual calculation of the reload value is no longer required. Now, you must specify the counter clock in Hz and the desired tick rate in milliseconds.
  • [Kernel]
    Fixed a core problem in the os_tmr_kill function. This function could fail to kill a created user timer for far data and huge data memory models.
  • [AR166]
    Type definitions from the AR166.H header file have been changed to avoid conflicts. New types are: U8, U16, U32, S8, S16, S32, BIT, BOOL, __TRUE, and __FALSE. New types have replaced old types: BYTE, WORD, DWORD, TRUE, and FALSE. Source files and documentation have been updated to reflect those changes.

    NOTE: Old versions of AR166_CONFIG.C configuration file are not compatible with this version of ARTX-166 and must be replaced.
  • [TcpNet]
    Added a new ARP cache control function arp_cache_ip. This routine may be used to resolve the remote MAC address before the first UDP data packet is sent to a target system. Previously, if the remote MAC address was not resolved from the ARP cache, sending UDP data packets failed and packets were lost until the ARP entry was cached.
  • [TcpNet]
    Removed word access optimization macros from all functions where the user has provided an IP address. When the user-provided IP address was not word-aligned, a Class-B trap was generated.
  • [TcpNet]
    Corrected a problem in the ARP module which transmitted invalid IP addresses for ARP requests. This could occur when ARP cache entries were refreshed or an ARP request was retransmitted.
  • [Flash File System]
    Added a new file maintenance function fcheck that may be used to check the Flash File System consistency. If the check fails, Flash File System requires formatting.
  • [TcpNet]
    Added a check to the TCP module for destination IP address TCP connect requests to this address are now blocked by the TCP module. This prevents sending ARP requests for IP address
  • [TcpNet]
    Added an example for the HTTP Server. The existing example HTTP_demo was upgraded to work in either of two modes:
    1. A standalone application.
    2. HTTP Server running with ARTX Kernel.
  • [TcpNet]
    Renamed library functions MemCpy, MemSet, MemCmp and StrCpy to avoid confusion with the standard C string functions. New function names are: mem_copy, mem_set, mem_comp, and str_copy.
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