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ADS - ARM Developer Suite

ARM® Developer Suite™ (ADS) is the previous generation of ARM software development tools. It has been replaced by the current RealView Development Suite.

ADS is now a legacy product. ARM does not recommend the purchase of these tools for new projects. It is made available only for customers who need to use it due to existing projects or by external factors, for example, where system code provided by the chipset designer must be built using a specific version of the compiler for qualification reasons.

For all other customers we recommend the use of RealView Development Suite.

RealView Developer Kit for Intel XScale

The ARM RealView Developer Kit for Intel XScale™ Technology-based processors is no longer available.

Debug and Trace Units


Multi-ICE is no longer available for sale. Multi-ICE has been replaced by the RealView ICE run control unit.


Multi-Trace is no longer available for sale. Multi-Trace has been replaced by the RealView Trace 2 data capture unit.

RealView Trace

RealView Trace is no longer available for sale. RealView Trace has been replaced by the RealView Trace 2 data capture unit.

Hardware Platforms

The following hardware platforms, development boards, Core-Tiles, and Logic Tiles have been withdrawn from sale and are no longer available.

Versatile Family

  • PBXA9-BD-0241A Dual Core Cortex-A9 platform baseboard
  • AB926-BD-0221ALF Application Baseboard for ARM926EJ-S
  • ABIB1-BD-0222A Interface Board for AB926
  • ABIB2-BD-0223A Interface Board 2 for AB926
  • CT7TD-BD-0220ALF CoreTile for the ARM 7TDMI
  • INLT6-BD-0181BLF Logic Tile LT-XC2V6000
  • INLT8-BD-0196BLF Logic tile LT-XC2V8000
  • RVAT1-BD-0195ALF Analyzer Tile for versatile range of products
  • RVIT1-BD-0199ALF Interface Tile for versatile range of products
  • VPCIB-BD-0191ALF PCI Backplane
  • LCD22-BD-0192A 2.2” QCIF Color LCD Panel
  • LCD84-BD-0194A 8.4” VGA (640X480) Color LCD panel
  • LCD38-BD-0193A 3.8” QVGA (320x240) Color LCD panel

Soft Macro Models (SMM)

  • FP001 ARM1136J-S SMM
  • FP002 ARM926EJ-S SMM
  • FP003 ARM946E-S SMM
  • FP004 ARM1026EJ-S SMM
  • FP007 ARM1136JF-S SMM
  • FP012 ARM1176JZF-S SMM
  • FP013 ARM1156T2F-S SMM
  • FP014 ARM968E-S SMM
  • FP015 ARM1176JZF-S Secure Memory SMM
  • FP016 ARM966E-S SMM
  • FP018 ETM11CS SMM
  • FP019 L2CC SMM

Integrator Family

  • AM Analyzer Module
  • CM922-BD-0217A Integrator/CM922T-ETM
  • CM922-BD-0213A Integrator/CM922T-XA10
  • CM926-BD-0130A Integrator/CM926EJ-S
  • CM946-BD-0117A Integrator/CM946E-S
  • CMA26-BD-0197A Integrator/CM1026EJ-S
  • CMB36-BD-0198A Integrator/CM1136JF-S
  • IM-ADI Interface Module for Automotive Applications
  • IM-PD1 Interface Module for Portable Applications
  • IMLT1-BD-0182ALF Interface Module IM-LT1
  • IMLT3-BD-0227ALF Interface Module IM-LT3
  • INSM1-BD-0185A Integrator Protection Modules
  • INSM1-BD-0186A Integrator Protection Modules
  • LM-EP20K1000E Logic Module for Altera EP20K1000E
  • LM-XCV2000E Logic Module for Xilinx XC2V2000E
  • NCP1-BD-0132A Integrator/CP

SoC Designer

The SoC Designer tool is now owned by Carbon Design Systems. If you licensed SoC Designer from ARM and have a current support and maintenance contract, please contact your account manager for further information. If you are a new customer, please contact Carbon Design Systems.

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