File System Component  Version 6.15.3
MDK Middleware for Devices with Flash File System
Here is a list of all modules:
[detail level 12]
 Directories and FilesFolders and files related to the File System Component
 Standard I/O RoutinesStandard I/O Routines perform input and output operations on files
 System RoutinesSystem Routines initialize the File System or Drive
 File Maintenance RoutinesFile maintenance routines perform file management operations
 Directory Maintenance RoutinesDirectory maintenance routines perform directory management operations
 Utility RoutinesUtility Routines provide analytical and utility operations on drives
 File Time Support RoutinesFile time support routines return the current date and time
 Media Support RoutinesMedia support routines provide media management functions
 I/O Control Interface RoutinesI/O control interface routines provide operate on FAT formatted media devices
 Status and Error CodesStatus and Error Codes returned by File System functions
 Debug EventsEvents generated by the File System
 FsCore: Core ManagementEvents generated by File System - Core Management functions
 FsFAT: FAT File SystemEvents generated by FileSystem - FAT File System functions
 FsEFS: EFS File SystemEvents generated by File System - Embedded File System functions
 FsIOC: I/O Control InterfaceEvents generated by File System - I/O Control Interface functions
 FsNFTL: NAND Flash Translation LayerEvents generated by File System - NAND Flash Translation Layer functions
 FsNAND: NAND Device InterfaceEvents generated by File System - NAND Flash Device Interface functions
 FsMcMCI: Memory Card MCIEvents generated by File System - Memory Card MCI functions
 FsMcSPI: Memory Card SPIEvents generated by File System - Memory Card SPI functions