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Cypress S6E2C28H0A

ARM Cortex-M4, 200 MHz, 1 MB ROM, 128 kB RAM

The FM4 family of 32-bit, general-purpose MCUs covers the highest end of the product range. Based on the ARM Cortex-M4F processor core, the family features DSP and Floating Point Unit (FPU) functions. These MCUs are designed for applications that require advanced, high-speed computing performance such as general-purpose inverters, servomotors, factory automation, PLCs and other industrial equipment, as well as medical and surveillance products, and inverter-based home appliances such as washing machines and air conditioners.

Core ARM Cortex-M4, FPU MPU 200 MHz, 1288 -channel DMA Controller
  • NVIC:NVIC with 128 interrupt sources
  • DMA:8 -channel DMA Controller
  • Processor:Cortex-M4, FPU MPU 200 MHz
  • Other:1 x Unique Identifier
Memory 16 -bit External Bus Interface (SRAM, NOR Flash, NAND Flash), 128 kB RAM, 1 MB ROM
  • External Bus Interface:16 -bit External Bus Interface (SRAM, NOR Flash, NAND Flash)
  • ROM:1 MB
  • ROM:40 kB
  • RAM:64 kB
  • RAM:64 kB
Clock & Power 2.7 V .. 5.5 V, 200 MHz
  • Internal RC:4 MHz Internal RC Oscillator
  • Supply Voltage:2.7 V .. 5.5 V Operating Voltage
  • Maximum Clock Frequency:200 MHz,
  • RTC:1 Hz Real-time clock (RTC)
Communication Ethernet, Other, Multi-Purpose Serial Peripheral
  • Ethernet:1 x 100000000 Ethernet-MAC MII/RMII
  • Other:1 x USB 2.0 (Function / Host)
  • Multi-Purpose Serial Peripheral:16 x Multi-function Serial Interface (Max 16 channels): UART, CSIO, LIN, I2C
Timer/Counter/PWM 16 x 0-bit Timer, 3 x 0-bit Timer, 1 x 0-bit Timer, 1 x 0-bit Timer
  • Watchdog:1 x Watchdog Timer (HW + SW)
  • Timer/Counter:16 x 0-bit Base Timer (Max 16 channels): PWM, PPG, PWC, Reload
  • Timer/Counter:3 x 0-bit Multi-function Timer (Max 3 units)
  • Timer/Counter:1 x 0-bit Dual Timer (32/16-bit Down Counter)
  • Timer/Counter:1 x 0-bit Watch Counter
Analog 2-channel 12 bit DAC, 24-channel 12 bit ADC
  • ADC:24-channel x 12 bit ADC
  • DAC:2-channel x 12 bit DAC
  • I/Os:120 I/O Ports
  • External Interrupts:32 External Interrupts (Max 32 pins
  • Other:256 x DSTC (Descriptor System data Transfer) Controller
  • Other:1 x HDMI-CEC / Remote Control Reception
  • Other:4 x Quadrature Position/Revolution Counter (QPRC)
  • Other:1 x CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) Accelerator
  • Other:1 x Clock Super Visor (CSV)
  • Other:2 x Low-Voltage Detector (LVD)
Development Tools
CMSIS Drivers No CMSIS-Driver in Device Family Pack.
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