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Peripheral Simulation

For Infineon XC878LM-13F — Timer 2

Simulation support for this peripheral or feature is comprised of:

  • Dialog boxes which display and allow you to change peripheral configuration.

These simulation capabilities are described below.

Timer/Counter 2 Dialog

Timer/Counter 2

The Keil Debugger simulates all aspects of Timer/Counter 2. The configuration is reflected in the Timer/Counter 2 Dialog that you may open from the Peripherals Menu. You may use the controls in the dialog to override the settings configured by your target program. This allows you to learn how the timer/counter works by interactively changing the configuration settings.

  • Mode settings select the size and auto-reload functions, and select either Timer or Counter operation for Timer 2.
  • T2PRE (Timer 2 Prescaler) selects the clock divisor for Timer 2 (none, 2, 4, 8, 16).
  • T2CON (Timer Control Register) holds the run/stop and overflow flag for Timer 2.
  • T2MOD (Timer Mode Register) holds the counter direction, prescaler and edge selection controls for Timer 2.
  • T2 (Timer/Counter 2) holds the timer or counter value of Timer/Counter 2.
  • RC2 (Reload/Capture Timer 2) holds the 16-bit reload/capture register value.
  • TR2 (Timer 2 Run Control) is set to turn Timer 2 on, and reset to turn it off.
  • C/T2# (Counter/Timer Select) is set to configure Timer 2 as an external event counter, or reset to configure it as a timer on a negative edge on pin T2EX if EXEN2 is set.
  • CP/RL2 (Capture/Reload Select) is set for capture mode, and reset for reload mode on a negative edge on pin T2EX. When either RCLK = 1 or TCLK = 1, this bit is ignored.
  • EXEN2 (Timer 2 External Enable) is set to capture or reload based on a negative edge on pin T2EX (P1.0) if EXEN2 is set. This bit is only meaningful if Timer 2 is being used to clock the serial port.
  • DCEN (Up/Down Counter Enable) is set to enable the up/down counter.
  • PREN (Prescaler Enable) is set to use the prescaler divisor in T2PRE for the Timer 2 clock. If reset, the 2/12 divider is used.
  • EDGESEL (Edge Select) is set to use the rising edge on pin T2EX for capture/reload. If reset, the falling edge on T2EX is used.


  • T2EX (Timer 2 Capture/Reload Trigger) is an external input (P1.0/RXD_0/T2EX) for up/down counting or triggering a timer 2 reload.
  • T2 Pin is not available on this device.


  • TF2 (Timer 2 Overflow Flag) is set when a Timer 2 overflow occurs.
  • EXF2 (Timer 2 External Flag) is set when an external event on T2EX causes a capture or reload of Timer 2.
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