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Peripheral Simulation

For Silicon Laboratories, Inc. C8051F061 — External and On-Chip Memory

Simulation support for this peripheral or feature is comprised of:

  • Dialog boxes which display and allow you to change peripheral configuration.

These simulation capabilities are described below.

External and On-Chip Memory Dialog

External and On-Chip Memory

The External and On-Chip Memory dialog displays and configures simulation capabilities of the external and on-chip Flash memory.

Flash Memory

  • EMI0CN (External Memory Interface Control) contains the external memory page select bits. These bits provide the high byte of the 16-bit external data memory address when using an 8-bit MOVX command, effectively selecting a 256-byte page of RAM.
  • EMI0CF (External Memory Configuration) contains the following configuration settings:
  • EMD2 (EMIF Multiplex Mode Select) is set to operate in non-multiplexed (separate address and data) mode.
  • EMD (EMIF Operating Mode Select) selects the operating mode of the Extended Memory Interface.
  • EALE (ALE Pulse-Width Select Bits) selects the Address Latch Enable pulse width in system clock cycles.
  • EMI0TC (External Memory Timing Control) contains the following memory timing controls:
  • EAS (EMIF Address Setup Time Bits) sets the number of system clock cycles for address setup.
  • EWR (EMIF /WR and /RD Pulse-Width Control Bits) sets the number of system clock cycles for pulse width.
  • EAH (EMIF Address Hold Time Bits) sets the number of system clock hold cycles.
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