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Peripheral Simulation

For Infineon C509-L — Compare/Capture Register CC10-17

Simulation support for this peripheral or feature is comprised of:

  • Dialog boxes which display and allow you to change peripheral configuration.

These simulation capabilities are described below.

Compare Capture Register CC10-17 Dialog

Compare Capture Register CC10-17

The Compare Capture Register CC10-17 Dialog controls an additional set of compare/capture registers that work with the compare timer 1. Registers CC10-CC17 use Port 9 for output rather than Port 5. These registers are configured as follows:

Selected Compare Register Group

  • CC1x (Compare Capture Registers 10-17) holds the comparison values that are matched with capture timer 1.
  • CC1ENx (Compare Timer 1 Capture/Compare Register Enable Bits) if set, bits 0 - 7 enable the capture/compare operation for a corresponding register.
  • DIR9x (Direction Register Bits 0-7) selects either the compare or the capture function for a register. If set, bits 0 - 7 select the capture function for the corresponding register. Resetting bits 0 - 7 enables the compare function for the corresponding register.
  • ICC1x (Compare Timer 1 Match Interrupt Flags) bits 0 - 7 are set when compare timer 1 matches with a corresponding CC1x register. The ICC1x flags must be cleared by software.
  • CAFRx (Capture On Falling / Rising Edge Selection Bits) are set to capture register CC1x when a positive transition at pin P9.x occurs. If a bit is reset, register CC1x is captured on a negative transition of pin P9.x.
  • CC1x Pin sets or clears the state of port pins CC10-CC17.
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